Bridgetown Cemetery Trustees

The Bridgetown Cemetery is a Non-Profit organization governed by a seven-person Board of Trustees, all of which must be lot owners in the cemetery.  These trustees serve without compensation and volunteer their time to the cemetery; they meet at least 4 times a year at the administration building.  Trustee meetings include overviews of the finances, updates, and suggestions about cemetery projects and the overall status of the cemetery.  Any surplus funds left over from the cemetery operation are invested in a maintenance fund used to further beautify the grounds, maintain roads, and improve the cemetery. 

The current trustees of the Bridgetown Cemetery are:

Ronald Scheidt, President
Nikolas Gemmell, Vice-President
Joseph Flickinger, Trustee
Daniel Herzog, Trustee
Michael Flickinger, Trustee

For general office inquiries, funeral arrangements, grave lot sales, and other administrative services, please contact the office manager, Mary Scheidt at the cemetery administration office @ 513-574-0360.

For general maintenance and grounds concerns, please contact the cemetery office @ 513-574-0360.