Current Price List
No Interments will be made until all outstanding charges are paid. 
Any burials made after 3:00pm will be charged an additional fee of $500.00
All interment orders received after 10:00am on Friday for a Monday burial will be subject to a $400.00 additional charge.
Saturday interments will be subject to $550.00 additional charge.
No burials accepted after 11:00am on Saturday.
48 Hour notice for ALL INTERMENTS.

Prices Subject to Change or Revision WITHOUT NOTICE

Prices Effective:  August 15th, 2019

Single Grave- $1100.00
(All Adult Sections)

Interments and Recording-  $1,250.00
(Special Services lasting more than 30 minutes will be subject to an additional $200.00 Charge)

Cremains:  $600.00 
(With or Without Service)

Baby Section:
Under 6 months:  $200.00
6 months to 1 year:  $220.00
1 year to 4 years:  $250.00
Baby Section Interments:
Under 6 months:  $200.00
6 months to 1 year:  $220.00
1 year to 4 years under 60":  $250.00

**For all other pricing and services, including fees for marker foundations, removing and resetting Markers and Monuments, as well setting Vases, please contact the Cemetery office at 513-574-0360**