Our 2022 Holiday Donation letter will be mailed in mid-November.  Every year, Bridgetown Cemetery sends a letter asking for donations for ongoing maintenance projects on the cemetery grounds and pressing equipment needs.  If for some reason, you do not receive the donation letter and would still like to donate, you can!  Please send your donation to:

Bridgetown Cemetery
Attention: Annual Donation 
4337 Harrison Ave
Cincinnati Ohio 45211

As a non-profit entity, donations to Bridgetown Cemetery are tax-deductible.  Letters for tax documentation can and will be provided upon request.  

In 2022, we hope to raise $3,500 to replace our driveway leading to our Harrison Ave entrance.  

Our organization is incredibly grateful for your monetary donations over the past years.  It is only through these donations, monetary or professional that some of our ongoing maintenance needs can be fulfilled.   Thank you!